Senior Project Manager

Ultra Consultants seeks experienced Senior Project Manager with deep understanding of ERP concepts. The Senior Project Manager will be responsible for the direction, execution, and completion of client implementation engagements, and will lead the way towards the completion of all project deliverables.

Supply Chain Consultant

Ultra Consultants seeks junior level Supply Chain Business Consultants with experience and understanding of ERP and Supply Chain concepts.

Practice Lead

Ultra Consultants is seeking a Practice Leader executive with a deep understanding of Manufacturing/Distribution, ERP, Professional Services, and Business Transformation projects that drive Client ROI.

Marketing Content Manager

We are looking for a Content Marketing Manager and experienced copywriter to champion Ultra’s brand voice and internal/external communications. In this role you will develop a deep understanding of our customers in order to produce engaging and relevant content that improves customer engagement

Podcast Episode: Hidden Manufacturing Capacity and Smart Technologies

Hosted by Ultra’s Strategic Alliances Director Michael Chesin, the Industry Insights Podcast puts the focus on common challenges facing industries within manufacturing and distribution. Each episode features a guest interview with an industry expert from a leading ERP Vendor.

Podcast Episode: More Tips to Evaluate the Short List of Vendors

Selecting enterprise software is a complex process and deserves careful planning and attention, especially when beginning efforts to evaluate the short list of vendors.

This podcast episode is part two of a series offered by Ultra’s Founder and CEO Jeff Carr. The first part of this series looked at the short list evaluation process and was shared by Jeff in a podcast all about moving to the short list of ERP vendors.

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