ERP Software Selection

5 Things You Don’t Have With an Aging ERP System

An aging ERP system is like a house or automobile in that the older it gets the more it needs to be maintained. And, like a house or car, at some point it makes sense to purchase a new one rather than continue to fix the old one.

5 Mistakes That Derail the ERP Software Selection Process

The enterprise software selection process is a long and complicated process – for several good reasons. The solution you choose will affect the way you conduct business for years to come, and it will impact virtually every function. It’s a significant investment, even with today’s cloud-based packages.


5 Critical Enterprise Software Selection Factors

Experiencing buyer’s remorse for a candy bar only affects one person. But choosing the wrong enterprise software can ripple through the entire organization – and result in huge extra costs.

The Role of ERP in Food & Beverage Compliance: Part 2

Today, a holistic approach to ERP and regulatory requirements – using ERP tools and data to support compliance – is considered critical. And solutions have evolved to address controls and records of items, specifications, supply, manufacturing and quality/food safety.

The Role of ERP in Food & Beverage Compliance: Part 1

Food and beverage manufacturers, processors, distributors and storage operators are challenged by today’s rigorous regulatory and quality requirements, complex information management demands and constantly changing mandates. Compliance is not optional.

5 Reasons Manufacturers and Distributors Should Consider a Cloud ERP Solution

Today’s IT departments increasingly leverage the cloud to deliver applications and services throughout the organization, as well as to customers and partners. In fact, last year Gartner reported that 40% of organizations in North America plan to spend the majority of new or additional funding on cloud technologies.

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