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Product Configuration Basics

­­­It’s always interesting to see what questions we’re asked as an ERP consulting firm. Many of the teams we work with face challenges when customizing products to serve a variety of customers.

Buying an ERP System? See These Three Pointers

Buying an ERP system? Many manufacturing and distribution organization project teams are now considering an active ERP project.

The reasons vary, but in all, it’s likely that legacy technologies and processes are not robust enough to manage costs, streamline operations and accommodate growth.

Best-of-Breed Enterprise Systems – Is There Such a Thing?

We are often asked whether there is a distinction between ERP and “Best-of-Breed” enterprise systems. We hear these terms as we meet with manufacturing ERP project teams, as well as solution vendors, to classify solutions in the marketplace.

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6 Questions about ERP Systems for Process Manufacturers

Our team regularly provides expertise related to ERP systems for process manufacturers. Process manufacturers work with ingredients instead of parts and the production process is more focused on recipes and formulas than traditional bills of materials.

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3 Questions about PLM and ERP

As a member of Ultra’s team of independent ERP consultants guiding manufacturers and distributors, I often work with engineering-intensive companies seeking the capabilities of product lifecycle management software (PLM).

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