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Podcast Episode: Hidden Manufacturing Capacity and Smart Technologies

Hosted by Ultra’s Strategic Alliances Director Michael Chesin, the Industry Insights Podcast puts the focus on common challenges facing industries within manufacturing and distribution. Each episode features a guest interview with an industry expert from a leading ERP Vendor.

Podcast Episode: More Tips to Evaluate the Short List of Vendors

Selecting enterprise software is a complex process and deserves careful planning and attention, especially when beginning efforts to evaluate the short list of vendors.

This podcast episode is part two of a series offered by Ultra’s Founder and CEO Jeff Carr. The first part of this series looked at the short list evaluation process and was shared by Jeff in a podcast all about moving to the short list of ERP vendors.

Podcast Episode: Moving to the Short List of ERP Vendors

Ultra’s Founder and CEO Jeff Carr hosts another edition of the ERP Insights Podcast with useful information about moving to the short list of ERP vendors.

As Jeff describes, it can be confusing to engage ERP vendors when you enter into a project to replace your old legacy system.

A major part of Ultra’s value add is providing information on the vendors to shortcut the difficult process of identifying the right vendors and the right partners to evaluate.

Podcast Episode: The ERP Vendor Long List

Listen as Jeff Carr, Ultra Consultants Founder and CEO, reviews the steps to identify and manage the ERP vendor long list with an eye toward setting the short list. The Podcast helps you understand how to identify the vendors that fit your business.

Podcast Episode: How to Identify ERP Vendors

The decision to upgrade or implement a new ERP system is likely one of the most complex and resource-intensive initiatives a company will face. A typical question we hear from teams is how to identify ERP vendors.

Most project teams from mid-market manufacturing and distribution organizatons are challenged by an ERP selection project.

Podcast Episode: The Evolution of Core ERP Applications

How have core ERP applications evolved over the last decade or so? That’s the topic of Ultra’s latest ERP podcast.

In the past years, typically organizations use ERP to track back office functions based on a “transactional” basis.

Today, the role of ERP has expanded beyond the traditional back end applications to provide advanced features to employees and partners (such as suppliers and customers).

Podcast Episode: How to Define ERP Project Scope

Why does ERP project scope matter to today’s manufacturing and distribution organization? And what needs to be considered when it comes time to define ERP project scope?

In this episode of Ultra’s ERP podcast, host Jeff Carr breaks down the key areas to focus on when it comes to defining the ERP project.

As Jeff so clearly articulates, defining the ERP project is key before any efforts to identify vendors. His guidance covers the specific “value streams” so important to today’s streamlined operations.

Podcast Episode: In Search of ERP Value

An ERP project must add value to the bottom line of the organization. That’s what the Ultra team has seen time and again in the decades of service we’ve provided to manufacturing and distribution companies.

In this episode of Ultra’s ERP Insights podcast, host Jeff Carr, founder and CEO of Ultra Consultants, breaks down the three areas to focus on when it comes to deriving ROI from an ERP project.

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