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3 Questions about PLM and ERP

As a member of Ultra’s team of independent ERP consultants guiding manufacturers and distributors, I often work with engineering-intensive companies seeking the capabilities of product lifecycle management software (PLM).

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What Does it Take to Effectively Negotiate an ERP Contract?

Many of the manufacturing and distribution teams we speak with look with dread when it comes time to negotiate an ERP contract.

While this task comes at the end of business process improvement, technology evaluation and selection, we certainly understand the fear and trepidation project teams might experience when anticipating this task.

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Business Strategy and ERP– Where’s the Fit?

Many of the manufacturing and distribution teams we speak with start a technology selection project by asking the users what they need in a new system. But is that the most effective place to start? As an ERP consulting firm, we feel quite strongly that there’s a better way

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Here’s How to Best Work Through ERP Comparison

The white paper “What’s driving Your ERP project? A Strategic Approach to Setting ERP Selection Decision Drivers” details how project teams can objectively evaluate software options and navigate the competitive vendor landscape.

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What’s Driving Your ERP Project? 6 Categories of Software Decision Drivers

This is because an ERP project cuts across each area of the business, impacting functional areas from finance, accounting and supply chain, to shop floor, production, inventory, quality management, shipping and more. Manufacturers and distributors have already gone through lean initiatives, cutting away excess, and thereby are operating with a lean staff.

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On Demand Webcast: The Dangers of Outdated ERP Systems

Ultra’s Founder and CEO Jeff Carr recently teamed with Manufacturing Business Technology magazine for a webinar entitled “ERP for manufacturing and distribution: Are You Blind to the Dangers of Outdated ERP Systems?”

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