Case Studies

Spirent Communications

Spirent Communications had acquired 5 companies in 5 different locations: California, Hawaii, Canada, New Jersey, and London. Adtech, the Hawaiian company was growing at 100% a year and was operating on a number of Tier III disparate systems.

Full Compass Systems

A legacy software system was in place that primarily supported the telemarketing efforts of the in-house sales organization. The system used an outdated database and was eventually ported to a Linux operation system.

Eclipse Story

At the time of engagement with Ultra, the company was hindered by several stand-alone legacy systems in 8 different global facilities across 3 continents.

Business users were creating their own process improvement projects and custom-built tools to address deficiencies.
There were dozens of independent process initiatives with limited visibility and duplication.


Copperweld was forced into a position of borrowing convertible raw materials from various production runs to meet spikes in demand in another production line.
Copperweld’s Materials Resource Planning (MRP) system did not support visualization of the stock outs or inventory fluctuations that resulted from these practices.

Stoughton Trailers

To exceed increasing customer demands, the Stoughton Executive Team realized a new integrated ERP solution was necessary.

The legacy “green screen” AS400 system had been highly customized over many years and was unable to integrate with modern eCommerce capabilities.

Dober Group

The legacy system could not scale to meet the demands of the company.
The company was growing and management needed to understand customer profitability.
A number of years ago the company implemented a tier III accounting and manufacturing system.

Briggs Equipment

Briggs had relied on its legacy dealer business system to run its operations for the past 25 years. While the system tracked core operations, the solution offered limitations with its technology platform.

The Briggs team was well aware of the internal resources, time and effort required to manage an effective ERP selection project.

Pactiv Corporation

Pactiv Corporation was faced with a sales data reporting problem after the merger of other packaging units from Mobil, Amoco and Tenneco Packaging.

Each of the companies issued their own sales reports containing unique customer names, product names and other data specific to each of the companies.

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