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The Fifth Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

Most organizations start ERP selection with a list of the big names in the ERP software marketplace, research features, functionalities and total cost of ownership, and then schedule multiple rounds of sales presentations and demos.

The Fourth Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

Lack of attention to the user interface can result in under-utilization of the solution. The new generation of technology users expects an Amazon- or Apple-like user experience from their ERP system.

The Third Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

The IT department and the C-suite do not own (and may never interact with) your core business processes. So the project team should include key people – end users and functional managers – from across your organization who are regularly involved in those processes.

The First Deadly Sin of ERP Implementation

It’s not possible to overstate how essential proper project planning is to ERP implementation success. And, in our experience, most organizations significantly underestimate the time and resources required to do it methodically and comprehensively.

The Role of ERP in Food & Beverage Compliance: Part 1

Food and beverage manufacturers, processors, distributors and storage operators are challenged by today’s rigorous regulatory and quality requirements, complex information management demands and constantly changing mandates. Compliance is not optional.

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