ERP Education and the Ultra Webinar Recording Library

ERP Education is a crucial part of every project because it is essential for each person involved in the company to understand what exactly an ERP project is capable of changing within their organization. Once each member is prepared for the change from current to future state, they are more aware of their place in achieving that greater goal.

Why Assess Business Process Maturity?

As independent ERP consultants, we’re often asked about the right time to select a new ERP solution and inevitably the conversation leads to business process maturity.

What are the Most Common Challenges with ERP Implementations?

We hear from many manufacturing and distribution teams facing challenges with ERP implementations.

Based on Ultra’s depth and breadth of experience with enterprise technology projects, we know what a failed project looks like and we know how to avoid it.

On Demand Webcast: The Dangers of Outdated ERP Systems

Ultra’s Founder and CEO Jeff Carr recently teamed with Manufacturing Business Technology magazine for a webinar entitled “ERP for manufacturing and distribution: Are You Blind to the Dangers of Outdated ERP Systems?”

Are You Thinking Beyond the ERP Checklist?

When considering an ERP project, Ultra’s team of independent ERP consultants makes the case to think beyond an ERP checklist and beyond the idea of a technology replacement. Instead, we guide teams to focus squarely on business process improvemen

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