The ERP Industry

ERP in the Auto Industry

We have all heard the stories about the auto industry over the last 5 years. The decline in auto sales greatly depressed ERP aspirations of automotive. But things change. At Ultra Consultants we are seeing an increase in auto industry …

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The Latest Technology Isn’t Enough

We read with interest an article entitled “The latest technology isn’t enough – you need the business model to go with it” published by the World Economic Forum.

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Keeping Pace with the Industrial Internet of Things and ERP

When we think of the Industrial Internet of Things and ERP, there’s much to consider for today’s manufacturing and distribution organization. Think of the Industrial Internet of Things as manufacturing or distribution related hardware and software that work together through “internet of things” style connectivity to track and enhance manufacturing and industrial processes.

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Enterprise Technology and a Retiring Workforce – How Can Manufacturers Prepare?

As a native Minnesotan, I was intrigued by an article published in the Star Tribune entitled “Minnesota manufacturers’ profits soar, but a labor shortage looms.” The article shared survey results that show hiring and retention as the major challenges facing the region’s manufacturing sector. At the same time, an “unexpectedly small” number of manufacturers are preparing their operations for any type of labor shortage, the survey found.

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