Looking to Achieve Digital Transformation with Cloud ERP?

Looking to Achieve Digital Transformation with Cloud ERP?

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Looking to Achieve Digital Transformation with Cloud ERP?

As independent ERP consultants, Ultra has a unique perspective on what it takes to transform operations at today’s manufacturing and distribution organization.

We hear so much about the term “digital transformation” that’s it’s difficult to even understand what the term means.

After leading several hundred enterprise technology transformation projects, however, Ultra has specific insight into this area.  We see digital transformation as more than ERP selection.

The Webinar will show how to drive digital transformation made possible by smart evaluation, selection and implementation of Cloud ERP technology.

See the term “digital transformation” taking into considering the full activities needed to align investments in technology, business models and processes to drive value for customers and employees to more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy.

Tune in for Transformation

With that in mind, Ultra joined g forces with Oracle Terillium to present an informative webinar entitled “Achieving Digital Transformation with Cloud ERP.”

A one-hour educational session, the topic is digital transformation and how the Cloud model can drive strategic business process improvements as related to cost, risk reduction and improved productivity.

From the low entry cost of cloud-based software—compared to hefty upfront perpetual license fees—to anywhere/anytime data access, Cloud ERP has the potential to help you achieve true digital transformation. We’ll cover these key ERP selection criteria as related to Cloud ERP.

Digital Transformation with Cloud ERP – Learn More

Any manufacturer or distribution organization considering an ERP project would be wise to request the webinar.   The webinar is designed for C-Level, IT, Operations, Production, Quality and other leaders from manufacturing project teams looking to benefit from true transformation leveraging manufacturing ERP solutions.

An ERP project team can expect to learn the following:

  • Discover four steps for driving digital transformation at your organization.
  • Understand key considerations for evaluating and integrating cloud solutions.
  • Gain insights from real business case studies.

Request the recording for a deeper look .

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