Nancy Lopez

Partnership Marketing Manager Nancy brings 17 years of varied experience working with end-to-end Strategic Partnerships Management in the technology sector. Early in her career, Nancy used her passion for coaching in the role of corporate coach for B2C franchises, helping franchisees achieve their digital strategy and online marketing goals. After obtaining her BA in Business Marketing from the Florida Institute of Technology, her focus shifted to acquiring and managing a portfolio of digital marketing partnerships. In critical digital marketing activities, she nurtured dozens of global partnerships from startups to multimillion-dollar blue chip companies. These efforts included prospecting, onboarding, web and mobile technical integration (API feeds, UX, and UI), performance and trend analysis, reporting, due diligence reviews, and internal and external communication of partnership value. Her passion for technical business management and marketing led her to complete an MBA focusing on International Business. Her years of digital experience and expertise in B2B and B2C partnerships enable her to effectively analyze and convey the unique needs of each segment to stakeholders.
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