What Resources Do We Need for Our ERP Project? (Podcast)

What Resources Do We Need for Our ERP Project? (Podcast)

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What Resources Do We Need for
Our ERP Project?

Podcast Episode

Episode 1: (8:28)

Hosted by Ultra Founder and CEO Jeff Carr, this edition of ERP Insights Podcast puts the focus on a common questions from teams considering modern ERP systems: "what resources are needed for this project?"

We talk to several hundred companies each year that are considering a new system.  Jeff Carr shares the most effective approach.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeff reviews an organizational chart for an ERP project, which varies by company size, scope of the project.
  • Usually all functions need to be represented, but if certain scope is not involved that function are might be eliminated. The opposite is true. If additional function is in scope the team needs to be expanded
  • Core ERP requires process owners for major function: customer facing, engineering, supply chain, production, quality, warehouse, logistics, HR, and accounting
  • For example quality, CRM, advanced planning, a WMS
  • Hear about the typical project which covers four layers of an org chart
    • Steering committee
    • Program Management Office (PMO)
    • Core team of business process owners
    • Functional subject matter experts
  • Hear Jeff's suggestions to assign an individual to become business process owner for functions in the company
  • After implementation these individuals may evolve into a full time role driving continuous improvement in their area

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