New Inventory Challenges Demand Robust Warehouse Management Capabilities (Video)

Even though, from a business standpoint, the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is in the past, distributors are challenged like never before: Supply chain networks remain exceptionally complex, customer demands continue to escalate and disruptions are near-constant.

What are the most critical of today’s pressing distribution and inventory management challenges? What actions can forward-thinking companies take to optimize distribution operations today and enable success tomorrow?

Get answers when you view this excerpt from “Transform Inventory Management and Thrive in a Changed Marketplace,” a new webinar featuring Vision33’s Chief SAP Business One Ambassador Carl Lewis and Ultra Senior Consultant David Saunders.

Lewis and Saunders discuss post-pandemic marketplace changes, and how distributors are struggling to keep up with increased volumes, higher customer expectations and rising costs. And, going further, they discuss why it’s critical to have robust warehouse management capabilities to accelerate processes, enable effective ecommerce, improve operational efficiency and provide a top-quality customer experience.

Want to learn more? View the complete webinar on-demand here.

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