Key Distribution KPIs Offer Distributors New Efficiencies and Better Bottom Line (Video)

For distributors, the right metrics can point the way to new efficiencies. When you have up-to-the-minute, detailed and accurate key performance indicators (KPIs) – driven by data provided by your ERP solution – you can know which processes are working well, which are broken, which can be improved and which offer an opportunity to increase revenue and improve your bottom line.

But there is so much data available and so many KPIs. Which are the most critical?

We asked expert distribution ERP consultants for their insight. And Ultra Senior Consultant David Saunders and Oracle NetSuite Principal Industry Solution Advisor Asad Ahmed delivered their list of the Top 10 Distribution KPIs. In this two-minute excerpt from a recent webinar, "Top 10 Distribution KPIs – and Why They Matter," they provide a close-up look at their first KPI: On-Time Delivery (OTD).

Want to know the other nine KPIs? View the entire webinar on-demand here.

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