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Industry 4.0 has brought significant change in the way industrial manufacturers interact with their customers and prospects. Increased demand for personalized products has made the need for flexibility and highly tailored digital transactions greater than ever.

What’s more, in these times of economic uncertainty it is especially critical for your company to get products included in more opportunities, quickly deliver complete and accurate quotes, and rapidly fulfill orders – or risk losing deals to competitors.

Dave Lechleitner, Senior Consultant at Ultra Consultants, will show you how you can transform your business operations by improving customer-facing processes and leveraging technology.  And Nick Castellina, Industry & Solution Strategy Director at Infor, will tell you how Infor CPQ can help enhance customer experience by…

  • Creating a collaborative customer experience
  • Enhancing innovation through standardized design workflows and enforced quality standards
  • Increasing data visibility and collaboration between sales, engineering, and supply chain
  • Supporting rapid new product development

You will also gain useful insight from Infor customer Hammond Power Solutions – and hear how Infor CPQ helps them win more opportunities and get orders out the door faster without additional resources.


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    Dave Lechleitner

    Senior Consultant – Ultra ConsultantsAs a manufacturing and operations professional with a broad foundation of experience, Dave Lechleitner has worked for the past 30 years assisting small and mid-market manufacturers leverage technology and automation to increase performance, productivity, throughput, quality, efficiency, revenues and profitability.
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    Nick Castellina

    Director of Industry and Solution Strategy - InforAs Director of Industry Solution Strategy at Infor, Nick interacts with end-users to understand their challenges and connects with product management and marketing to support Infor’s commitment to delivering focused solutions featuring industry best practices. Prior to Infor, Nick was Vice President and Research Group Director of the Aberdeen Group’s Business Planning and Execution research practice.
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    Paul Gaynor

    Director of IT – Hammond Power SolutionsA seasoned IT Executive, Paul leverages his 30+ years of experience to drive business value at Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) and ensure HPS gets the expected return on investment. He has been responsible for IT strategy, applications, and operations at (HPS) for the last 10 years. Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) is the largest manufacturer of dry-type transformers in North America supporting the oil and gas, mining, steel, waste and water treatment, and wind power generation markets. HPS has diverse standard and custom product offerings, which are exported globally in electrical equipment and systems. HPS leads the industry in these markets through its technical design strength, breadth of product, and manufacturing capabilities with 8 plants, and 7 satellite distribution centers in Canada, the United States, Mexico, India and Italy.