WEBINAR: Infor / Ultra Modernization Through the Cloud​

An increasing percentage of manufacturers and distributors are adopting cloud-based ERP solutions as the backbone of their digital transformation and modernization strategy. What are the best decision points for leaders who are contemplating a new ERP system?At our co-hosted webinar, Ultra Consultants and Infor team up to provide you with current insights on this vital issue.


  • How security, costs and maintenance compare with on-premise solutions
  • How Tools, Transition Time, and Training are handled with cloud solutions
  • What Industry 4.0 has to do with Cloud ERP and when you should implement them
  • When BPI initiatives are most effective if you get a new cloud-based ERP solution
  • … and more!
David Saunders

David Saunders

Practice Lead, Ultra Consultants

Dave brings 30 years of experience helping major manufacturing and distribution companies improve their operations and underlying business processes.



Operational Efficiencies

in People, Processes and Technology


Information Technology



BS in Computer Management, Purdue University


Management Business, IESA Business School, Barcelona, Spain


MBA, University of Illinois

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