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SCM Software Selection Consulting

Ultra Consultants identify top SCM software for your business. Our SCM solutions consultants can help you reduce cost, mitigate risk and proceed with confidence.

Find the Right SCM

Find the Best SCM Software

Any business that wants to efficiently plan and manage supply, production, inventory, capacity, and distribution
must invest in SCM (supply chain management) software. The proper SCM solution can assist in streamlining
entire supply chain operations and removing waste so that the firm can concentrate on providing value to
consumers. The SCM specialists at Ultra Consultants can assist you if you’re thinking about using SCM.

Should you use a software selection consultant?

We help you qualify (and disqualify!) vendors based on your exact challenges and your vision for future plans. Plus, we’ll help you negotiate the best price possible, analyze total costs and evaluate implementation strategies. Your organization can be confident in your selection and employ a roadmap for successful implementation.

With a Consultant

  • We bring the vendors to you
  • Recommendations based on your needs
  • Experienced contract negotiations
  • SCM solution to meet your business goals
  • Save time and costs with experienced
    project management

On Your Own

  • Compile lists of potential vendors
  • Spend time vetting multiple vendors
  • Hope you get a competitive price
  • Fit your processes to their standard
    practices and workflows
  • Use in-house staff to manage the project
    and try to stay on time and on budget
By assisting your team in identifying business objectives and software needs, our SCM software experts help you make the best decision for your company.

As your supply chain management consultant, Ultra will assist with both selection and implementation to reduce frustration and ensure success.
Are ERP Consultants Worth the Cost?

Optimize supply chains

Are ERP Consultants Worth the Cost?

Improve vendor relationships

how long does erp implementation take

Secure distribution channels

Talk to a Consultant

We Make Software Selection Easier

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“I would be pretty scared to evaluate vendors without the help of a partner. There is a lot at stake for your company and the vendor. What is really helpful is Ultra can bring an objective way to evaluate these folks, and they know how to keep them honest."

Daniel Hanawaltn
United Equipment Accessories

Deshutes Brewery worked with Ultra Consultants for ERP

“Ultra really was a trusted advisor, especially when interacting with vendors during the selection process. I don’t think there was ever a moment where we didn’t think Ultra had our best interests at heart. There was never a moment where we didn’t trust Ultra was looking out for us.”

Tim Plummer

Deschutes Brewery


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