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Three Best Practices for ERP Change Management

You need to promote a positive attitude to the changes ahead and ensure that all colleagues get the support they need during the changes that lie ahead. In this article, we look at the three biggest stumbling blocks in change management and the three best practices for ERP software implementation.

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What Resources Do We Need for Our ERP Project? (Podcast)

Hosted by Ultra Founder and CEO Jeff Carr, this edition of ERP Insights Podcast puts the focus on a common questions from teams considering modern ERP systems: “what resources are needed for this project?”
We talk to several hundred companies each year that are considering a new system. Jeff

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What’s the Best Team, Timeline for Our ERP Project? (Podcast)

The Ultra independent ERP consultant team is often asked “what’s the best team, timeline for our ERP project?”

Today’s edition of ERP Insights Podcast looks at the optimal team make-up and timeline for an effective ERP project.

Host Jeff Carr notes that in general, an ERP project will consume the better part

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ERP Project Roles and Responsibilities (Podcast)

The steering committee has very important responsibilities. Hear the importance of staffing the committee with top stakeholders in the company. For an ERP scope this usually includes CEO, COO, CFO, and top VPs of engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing or operations, quality and logistics. This committee should meet every 2 weeks

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Tips to Start an ERP Project (Podcast)

Starting an ERP project? Ultra considers these projects as major transformations.

This podcast looks at the genesis of such projects – what has transpired to get an organization to the point of looking for new technology?

For most ERP project teams, starting an ERP project is a daunting task. It’s common

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