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Why Choose Ultra Consultants

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100% independent

Because we don’t receive compensation from software vendors, you get recommendations based solely on your unique needs.


Industry focused

We put our decades of manufacturing and distribution focus to work for you.

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Complete solution provider

Going beyond technology selection we guide your company toward business process improvement for long-term growth.

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Experienced, in-house team

We hire top talent and invest in their development so your consultant has the knowledge to provide a successful technology project.

Independent Consultants Working for You

ERP software consultants are not all the same. The selection of an ERP system to meet your business needs is critical. There are many ERPs available to choose from. A good consultant will have unbiased opinions about all available ERP systems to they can
help you determine the best fit.

Ultra’s decades of experience in a wide range of industries puts you on the path toward success:

Are ERP Consultants Worth the Cost?

Manage the ERP project

Are ERP Consultants Worth the Cost?

Reveal opportunities for process improvement

Are ERP Consultants Worth the Cost?

Negotiate a contract

how long does erp implementation take

Implement the ERP

erp implementation

Train your team

how long does erp implementation take

Evaluate your ROI

Talk to a Consultant

Top Enterprise Resource Planning Software Vendors

Epicor software solution for ERP
Microsoft software solution for ERP
Sage software solution for ERP
SAP software solution for ERP
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ERP selection

“Ultra understands the challenges of running a manufacturing business. Their persistent focus on our business value remains a cornerstone to our long-standing partnership.”

Bob Wahlin
Stoughton Trailers

Pacific Plumbing worked with Ultra Consultants for ERP

“In the distrubition industry, the road is littered with ... expensive, failed implementations... With Ultra on our team we were able to... avoid the potholes... and not be one of those companies.”

Jon Stafford

Pacific Plumbing Supply Company


Should you use a software selection consultant?

With a Consultant

  • We bring the vendors to you
  • Recommendations based on your needs
  • Experienced contract negotiations
  • ERP solution to meet your business goals
    based on detailed plan of your future state
  • Save time and costs with experienced
    project management

On Your Own

  • Compile lists of potential vendors
  • Spend time vetting multiple vendors
  • Hope you get a competitive price
  • Fit your processes to their standard
    practices and workflows
  • Use in-house staff to manage the project
    and try to stay on time and on budget

With Ultra, your project gets:

Proven ERP Selection Methodology

We tailor our approach to your industry and your vertical

Focus on Business Process Improvement

We build a path to faster ROI

Independent Consultancy

We bring unbiased objectivity and wide knowledge to the decision process

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