Business Process Documentation

Ultra has a proven methodology for the development of business process documentation. During the business process review, the following components are documented:

  • Organization Chart – identifies all users by business process category
  • Discovery Document – records information gained in business process interviews
  • Business Process Organization Map – identifies all business process categories
  • Business Process Mapping – documents steps in your business processes
  • Business Process Analysis – identifies problems and waste in current processes

Once these components are created, the organization – including both management and key users – needs to review and approve the documentation.

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ERP and Business Process Documentation

When it comes to enterprise software selection, business process documentation is essential to getting a clear view of current operations and assessing how modern ERP can help improve processes.

Effective business process documentation results in easy-to-understand documents that use recognizable and understood images, drawings when helpful, and other ways to easily depict the documentation of tasks. Some of these include:

  • Flowcharts: This type of image can easily describe business processes, and visually detail essential tasks and workflow.
  • Checklists: These can also document the required steps of a task or process in the correct order.

Our structured process brings together owners and managers, as well as shop floor employees who keenly understand each step, time-saving shortcuts, and performance standards that apply to separate parts of the business process improvement consulting project.

We will help you produce documents that clearly depict how a process fits into the organization’s activity with specific details, technical specifications, and procedures.

Download a comprehensive eBook that shares insight to plan, structure and implement a business process improvement initiative.

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