ERP System Selection Methodology

Ultra's unique and proven methodology organizes our core services into four phases, comprising the business transformation lifecycle.

Business Process Improvement

We build a foundation for your transformation by understanding your unique requirements, assessing your current state, showing you what's possible with modern solutions, developing a desired future state and optimizing your core processes.


  • Set up the project team structure
  • Select team members
  • Plan and schedule reporting

Enterprise Technology Selection

As your ERP business management consultant, we guide your company through an unbiased, comprehensive and highly structured process designed to determine your best-fit solution – one that will meet your unique requirements, scale with your business and enable your future vision.

  • Determine potential vendors and solution capabilities
  • Identify industry experience of potential vendors
  • Identify solutions well-suited to industry
  • Identify potential implementation partners

Solution Implementation Management

We combine a flexible, proven implementation methodology and exceptional project management expertise to reduce your risk, accelerate time-to-benefit, drive ROI and deliver success.

  • Develop project plan and timeline
  • Determine change management strategy
  • Create project teams
  • Assign team members' roles and responsibilities

Business Value Realization

We combine industry best practices, process maturity-focused projects, software enhancements and your new capabilities to sustain process improvements, close the value circle and ensure you maximize the benefits of your ERP solution.

  • Perform a process maturity assessment
  • Review pain points
  • Review financial reports
  • Review organizational structure
  • Review KPIs
  • Review process inventory
  • Determine opportunities for added value
  • Develop case for change

An enterprise technology project is a complex and potentially risk-filled process. Wouldn’t it make sense to tap into wisdom from those who have successfully gone before?

This eBook offers informative webcasts, podcasts, white papers, articles, videos and more to create a blueprint for success.

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