Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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A manufacturing execution system (MES) manages, monitors and synchronizes – in real time – the processes involved in transforming raw materials into finished goods. An MES may operate across multiple function areas, including product lifecycle management (PLM), resource scheduling, order execution and product quality. And an MES creates the as-built record, capturing the data, processes and outcomes of the manufacturing process, which is important in regulated industries, such as food and beverage or pharmaceutical.

Top Manufacturing Excecution System Software Vendors

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About Manufacturing Execution System Software

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) captures real-time data on the shop floor from machines and other equipment. The goal: to enable the highest production quality while complying with regulatory standards. With an MES, you gain standardized workflows and the ability to integrate your manufacturing and business processes. And, you can control your operations, and align manufacturing with your supply chain.

What's more, an MES tracks and documents the process from raw goods to finished product – and takes data from multiple inputs, including production machinery and quality control.

Vendors in the Manufacturing Execution Systems space lead with their technology platforms and the ability to optimize production processes. Companies need applications that are both on-premises and in the cloud, along with mobility provided by tablets, smart devices and other handhelds.

MES applications need to be scalable enough for large, multi-site corporations and small to mid-sized companies with complex manufacturing processes. Most MES vendors find success across many manufacturing sub-industries and write software from the shop floor perspective.

Benefits of Manufacturing Execution System Software

Comprehensive Machine Data

Your ERP solution provides access to a tremendous amount of information, but not all ERPs are geared for certain data like production machine output and effectiveness. Being able to track data related to how machines are running and real-time yield information offers your organization the ability to make informed production decisions.

Advanced Analytics

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