Field Service Management (FSM)

Optimize in-person and remote service, and boost technician productivity.

Field service management solutions improve field technician scheduling, dispatch and parts delivery, and enable effective support of field technician interactions. In addition to managing field service needs via inspection or customer report, sophisticated solutions can automatically determine a field service need through remote monitoring.

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About Field Service Management Software

Field service management software is a requirement for companies that service their product in the field. This type of software is critical for resolving customer issues as soon as they arise, which is necessary to gain (and maintain) customer satisfaction and loyalty. The right field service management software will allow you to track your on-site services and requests, manage your personnel and get deep visibility into your service operations.

Field service management capabilities often are the highest priority within an organization. As you would expect, revenue is the main driver, but also the increased sales and referrals that come from happy customers.

Even though these capabilities have been identified as a focus by many organizations, it is common for field service management and related activities to be managed in separate, low-functioning, non-integrated systems – or even in Excel – which definitely is not a best practice.

Organizations need to leverage ERP software to give themselves the best opportunity to successfully manage these services. Field service management software can play a major role.

What capabilities can you expect from field service management software?

  • Work orders
  • Labor and expense management
  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Management of replacement parts
  • Call center
  • Technician demand and supply

Vendors in this space need in-the-field experience and collaboration with their customers to provide best practices within their applications. Technology and mobility are very important for service companies. Applications that are fully integrated have an advantage, but add-on service components can provide deeper functionality.

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Faster Decisions

Field service management software allows customers to make important decisions in less time. When quotes, configurations, estimates, sales orders and available-to-promise (ATP) data are accessible instantly, the customer can approve and sign instantly on-site.

Better Customer Service
Predictive Maintenance
Broad Improvement

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“I would be pretty scared to evaluate vendors without the help of a partner. There is a lot at stake for your company and the vendor. What is really helpful is Ultra can bring an objective way to evaluate these folks, and they know how to keep them honest." Daniel Hanawalt, United Equipment Accessories

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“Ultra led a software selection and implementation of ERP/WMS that resulted in more than $350,000 annual savings from improved processes.” Tom Cesario, VP of U.S. Operations & IT, Radio Flyer


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