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Transform your operations for maximum productivity, efficiency and a competitive edge in today’s changing times. Our software consulting services help you optimize processes while selecting and implementing the right technology to drive benefits across your organization.

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Business Consulting Services

Business challenges are proliferating. Resources are stretched. And answers seem elusive as our trusted manufacturers and distributors seek to improve productivity and boost efficiency in every part of the enterprise.

Maximizing performance requires organizational change – change that is driven and delivered by digital transformation, business process improvement, and today’s advanced technologies.

Where do you start? Well, that depends on the current state of your core business processes. But we absolutely know where it ends: Business performance improvement is the final destination.

We can get you there. At Ultra, our unique and proven methodology provides the roadmap. Our trusted industry experience provides the essential knowledge that takes your business process improvement strategy to the next level. And of course, our expert ERP software consultants will provide all the critical guidance as you climb to the higher tiers of the business model, providing you with the next level of business consulting services.

We know your fundamentals and core processes.

Our consulting services are directed at achieving your business transformation. Applying today’s best practices, leveraging our exceptional expertise in manufacturing and distribution, and utilizing a rigorous methodology, our services are geared to deliver business performance you never imagined possible.


Business Process

We build a foundation for your transformation by understanding your unique requirements, assessing your current state, showing you what’s possible with modern solutions, developing a desired future state and then optimizing your core processes.


Solution Implementation Management

We combine a flexible, proven implementation methodology and exceptional project management expertise to reduce your risk, accelerate time-to-benefit, drive ROI and deliver success.


Technology Selection

We guide your company through an unbiased, comprehensive and highly structured process designed to determine your best-fit solution – one that will meet your unique requirements, scale with your business and enable your future state.


Business Value Realization

We combine industry best practices, process maturity-focused projects, software enhancements and your new capabilities to sustain process improvements and ensure you maximize the value and benefits of your solution.


We make software selection and implementation easier.

We focus exclusively on ERP and ERP-connected software solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Business Process Improvement (or BPI) consultant is an expert who understands the latest technology and best practices relating to the client’s industry and analyzes a business’s current people, processes and systems to make recommendations that improve overall efficiency.

An external business process improvement (BPI) consultant views internal people, processes and systems in an unbiased manner. With efficiency and profitability as end-goals, the consultant highlights opportunities to automate and streamline every aspect of operations, from purchasing to shipping. This reduces human error and removes redundancies while improving datastreams for decision-makers.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, companies can’t afford to stagnate. A continuous improvement methodology, known as kaizen, a Japanese term meaning “change for the better”, is the basis for most successful BPI initiatives. With the right choice of expert business consultant, Business Process Improvement strategies can work to remove inefficiencies and improve the productivity of employees, leading to improvements in market share and the company’s bottom line.

Industry Insights

Exploring industry insights highlights how ERP solutions empower the cannabis industry, streamlining operations and compliance in this rapidly evolving sector.

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