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The company is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial burners and combustion systems.


At the time of engagement with Ultra, the company was hindered by several stand-alone legacy systems in 8 different global facilities across 3 continents.

  • Business users were creating their own process improvement projects and custom-built tools to address deficiencies.
  • There were dozens of independent process initiatives with limited visibility and duplication.
  • Because the company was not able to invest in Black Belts and Green Belts for a Six Sigma organization, the CIO implemented a streamlined program he called Total Value Management which used Six Sigma methods to get the ball rolling.
  • Over time, process improvement benefits became more difficult as existing technology tools encumbered change.


The Ultra team of independent ERP consultants helped introduce ERP to Six Sigma and Lean activities.

The process started with an assessment of the current legacy systems and determine the business case benefits.

With the help of Ultra Consultants, the team turned its efforts toward the evaluation and ERP software selection of a new global ERP system.

Having already documented the majority of the existing processes and had invested in getting educated in ERP best practices, the team quickly defined their needs, designed their future state or “to be” environment, evaluated the leading ERP systems, and determined their future course of process improvement transformation through Business Process Improvement and ERP “Automation” for the next several years.

The Benefits Of Ultra Consultants

  • Standardizing on enterprise solutions helps streamline and improve business processes.
  • Each team member has aligned their areas of expertise to the business functions that use their processes.
  • Operational management relies on these experts to deliver processes that maximize efficiencies throughout the company.
  • Operational management, in turn, is finally “freed up” to deliver excellence in products and services for the customer.

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