Custom manufacturer of wall, ceiling, mezzanine, and decking paneling.

The Challenge

In previous years the company was handicapped by an old legacy system that did not meet the needs of a growing diversified manufacturing company.

The legacy system did not provide multi-site support, WIP control, easy user access to information, and flexible production scheduling capabilities.

As the company began to implement its growth strategy they were impacted by the economic downturn in the construction industry. Nonetheless the team could not wait. They needed a modern information system to support their growth strategies and they needed to move quickly

The Solution

The company teamed with Ultra for ERP evaluation and selection with a focus on reducing “time to benefit”.

They felt Ultra’s methodology could get them to the “finish line quicker” and it could be completed between season’s.

“ERP is a daunting task at any time but Nudo recognizes the exponential risks associated with going live at the peak of the construction season (i.e. our busiest time of the year)” said Mark Bate, President of Nudo.

Ultra’s process focused on current state documentation, educating the project team in ERP best practices, and the development of a detail futures state map and definition, all designed to expedite the selection and implementation process.

Ultra facilitated a review of popular ERP products, so the team could quickly arrive at a short list of three vendors. After the initial round of demonstrations, the top ranking finalist presented a weeklong “day-in-the-life” walkthrough of the system incorporating Nudo’s proposed future state maps and business processes.

By walking through this process, the Nudo team had a concrete understanding of how the system would work in their environment as well as a head start on the implementation process.


About The Company

Nudo is a custom manufacturer of wall, ceiling, mezzanine, and decking paneling that produces product to stock and to a specific customer order. The company manufactures their products at a single facility.

The Benefits Of Ultra Consultants

Through Ultra’s process, Nudo believes they made a more educated decision, bought a manageable solution that could evolve with their business model, as well as saving their people’s time and money.

Nudo was able to complete the entire process from documenting their current and future state business processes, to selecting a final vendor in 3 months.

After the contracts were signed, Ultra’s project manager had the Nudo team and the vendor team immersed in the implementation the following week.

Because of the up-front time to focus on their business processes, Nudo was able to evaluate, select and implement a new information system in just 8 months from the initiation of the selection project.

As a result of the rapid ERP deployment, Nudo is expecting a significant return on their ERP investment in the areas of:

  • Productivity
  • Supply chain
  • Customer delivery
  • Decision making via improved visibility and reporting

Software selection and implementation processes often present challenges of their own. To steer you around trouble and help you drive success, Ultra’s experts compiled a list of pain points and solutions to be aware of as you embark on this journey.

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