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How Has COVID-19 Changed the Way Food & Beverage Companies Operate? (Infographic)

Seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the food & beverage industry is different than it was at the beginning of 2020.
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Remote Management Expertise Key to Successful ERP Projects Amid Pandemic

As U.S. companies continue the transition to remote work, possibly for the long term, ERP project teams continue to face significant challenges in management, coordination, communication and collaboration.
Steel being picked up by robotics.

COVID-19 Poses Unique Challenges to the Steel Industry

Many states have shut down all non-essential businesses – but steel manufacturing is definitely essential.

Overcoming Remote Work and Other Challenges

The rapid spread of COVID-19 means that we’ve all seen new challenges in our companies. We at Ultra Consultants are largely a remote workforce, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t also experience some difficulties.

Resources to Help Manage Risk During an ERP Project

It’s a challenge for project teams to manage risk during an ERP project. We know as an independent ERP consulting firm with extensive experience in ERP selection and implementation projects that no enterprise software implementation project comes without some risk.

When a large-scale disruption like the one caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic occurs, the first thing business leaders must do is assess their current supply chain maturity. How well the supply chain is set up will dictate how recovery and mitigation can be handled. Where does your supply chain fall on this scale?

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Selecting and implementing a new ERP system is one of the most resource-intensive decisions a mid-market manufacturing or distribution company can face. When guided by the right consulting team, these companies reduce the effort, resources and cost of ERP selection.

Discover the five guidelines for choosing the right consulting team for an efficient and effective enterprise software project.

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