5 Steps to Justify Your Investment in ERP

When looking for a new ERP system, your organization must begin your journey by making a business case for ERP. This involves numerous steps, including determining an expected return on investment, anticipating total costs, and fully documenting the business case for investing in a new or upgraded system. This webcast shows how manufacturing and distribution companies can drive an effective justification process.

See the five critical areas that need to be covered, and how to do it, to justify one of the most complex and resource-intensive initiatives your company will face:

  • Assess your internal environment
  • Fully document your current state
  • Clearly map your future state
  • Get a handle on total costs of upgrade or new ERP
  • Accurately calculate ROI

Justifying your investment in ERP involves much more than the cost of the system. The case you make for allocating resources to your ERP project – funds, time, personnel, equipment, to name just a few – has much to do with the overall effectiveness and success of your project.

Manufacturing and distribution companies considering investing in a new ERP solution can’t afford to miss this complimentary webinar. Set the foundation for your successful ERP project.

Request this on demand webinar to learn about the 5 Steps to Justifying Your Investment in ERP.

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