It’s Time to Write a Job Description for Your ERP

Here’s a question you probably haven’t heard before: If your ERP was an employee, would you promote it or put it on a performance plan?

Whether your system is stuck in the ‘80s or you’re running on a modern solution, you should be actively evaluating your ERP’s job description within your organization. Just as you would a top performer, you need to develop a clear career path for your technology to keep pace with the changes facing your business.

In this on demand webinar, along with special guest Eide Bailly, we will look at your ERP through the lens of a top performing employee. By defining the role your technology needs to fulfill in your organization, you can better identify and develop an ERP that improves your operational efficiency and spurs growth.

What you'll learn:

  • The skills a modern “employee” would provide your business
  • How to define your specific M&D job requirements
  • The key components of a good ERP job description and career path
  • How to “peer review” your current system
  • How the right ERP should be more than just an accounting tool, it should be your most valuable employee

Who Should View This On Demand Webinar?

  • C-Level leaders of manufacturing, distribution organizations
  • Directors of Finance, Accounting
  • Vice Presidents and General Managers
  • Operations Leaders
  • ERP, IT Administrators

About Eide Bailly:

In addition to being a Top 25 CPA firm, Eide Bailly is an award-winning NetSuite Partner of the Year with over 75 successful distribution and manufacturing client implementations on the NetSuite ERP platform. Specializing in functional ERP implementations and integrations that scale, our client satisfaction speaks for itself. Learn more about Eide Bailly

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