Leveraging MES for IIoT-Enabled Manufacturing

This on-demand, educational webinar provides a full picture of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and its use in manufacturing from a leading expert.

Warren Smith, CEO of Advanced Manufacturing Advisors, has spent his career delivering expertise to organizations looking to leverage connected machines and devices to smart warehouses and the factory of the future. He is joined by Jeff Carr, Ultra CEO and Founder, and Glenn Carlson, Principal Solutions Engineer, Plex Systems.

This can't-miss, on-demand, educational webinar looks at how the Industrial Internet of Things transforms today’s manufacturing operation.

Expert Insights

It takes an expert to help you understand the impacts of the IIoT on the manufacturing sector.

Each presenter gives a clear look at what the IIoT involves, the advantages it delivers as well as the information systems needed to drive connectivity and performance.

Watch to see real-world use cases of the IIoT in action at today’s manufacturing organization.

 Key Takeaways

  • Understand the fundamentals of MES, IIoT, Advanced Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0
  • Learn what are companies doing today in the marketplace
  • See the convergence of operations technology with IT
  • Witness a demonstration of what MES functionality can do to drive connected manufacturing

Who Should Watch?

  • C-level leaders at manufacturing, distribution companies
  • ERP, IT Directors
  • Operations Directors, Operations Managers.,Plant Managers
  • Anyone responsible for overall business process improvement

View this on-demand webinar to get a clear look at what the IIoT really is, the advantages it delivers, and the systems needed to drive connectivity and performance.

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