New Year, New Goals: Increase ROI in Your ERP Project

Winning manufacturing and distribution companies look at an ERP project as more than just a technology initiative.
An ERP project is most successful when it is viewed as a business transformation where the focus is on process improvement.

This on-demand webinar helps you develop confidence that your project and chosen ERP system will deliver your Return on Investment (ROI) expectations and position your business for long-term success.

Based on the hundreds of successful projects led by the independent advisors at Ultra, see how to realize maximum ROI from your ERP project, and the exact points your company should focus on in order to get that high level of return, including:

Key Takeaways

  • A Business Case for Change: See an example of why and how to create an effective Business Case for Change to ensure your ERP investment is a well-defined, budgeted, and expectations are clear.
  • Areas of ROI Opportunity: Know the main areas of where you can realize ROI: inventory management, supply chain management, product development, and many more.
  • Investment Considerations: What investments should you make in people, processes and both IT and plant-level technology.
  • ERP Team Structures: Know the correct project team structure: executive, PMO, core/functional, SMEs, and technology.

Who Should Watch this On-Demand Webinar?

  • C-level leaders at manufacturing, distribution companies
  • Finance leadership
  • ERP, IT Directors
  • Operations Directors, Operations Managers
  • Anyone responsible for overall business process improvement

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