Product Recalls: Causes, Costs & the Role of ERP in Traceability

A product recall is one of those events that every manufacturer dreads. Just the words alone convey lost production time, innumerable calls with suppliers and customers, and other activities that take you away from your core business.

While you can’t eliminate product recalls, there are steps manufacturers and distributors can take to mitigate their risk and remain compliant.

Having an effective traceability system and a proper crisis management plan is a necessity. It can mean the difference between survival and the loss of the business you have worked hard to create and advance.

Experts from Ultra Consultants and SYSPRO discuss how to implement a robust traceability system and a failsafe recall management plan that can help crisis-proof your business during these critical times.

Webinar Topics Include:

  • General causes of product recall
  • Legislative considerations
  • How to create a traceability system
  • Product recall procedures and plans
  • The role ERP plays in traceability
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