Webinar: Top 10 Distribution KPIs – and Why They Matter

In today’s new now, it’s important to do everything to shave costs, increase revenue and boost profitability. The question – and challenge – is identifying the processes and functions where new efficiencies, extra pennies and a tenth of a percentage point can be found.

The answers are revealed by up-to-the-minute, detailed and accurate key performance indicators (KPIs) driven by data from your ERP solution.

But which KPIs are the most critical? Find out when you watch “Top 10 Distribution KPIs – and Why They Matter,” a 45-minute discussion presented by Oracle NetSuite and Ultra Consultants.


David Saunders
Senior Consultant
David has more than 25 years of experience helping mid-size and large manufacturing organizations and wholesale distribution companies leverage modern ERP technologies, optimize their operations and accelerate their business processes.

Asad Ahmed
Principal Industry Solution Advisor
Asad is currently a Principal Industry Solution Advisor with Oracle NetSuite, with 15+ years’ experience in, B2B online marketing, customer acquisition, SEO, SEM, eCommerce and cloud computing.

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