Winning Manufacturing Strategies for 2020

5 Key Ways to Kick Off the New Decade

2019 is a thing of the past and it’s time to look ahead. With the New Year comes new opportunities to make your manufacturing operation thrive.

This on-demand webinar explores 5 key strategies to overcome common manufacturing challenges and gain an edge in your market. You’ll hear from Steve Bieszczat, Chief Marketing Officer at DELMIAWORKS, as well as Andrew Bolivar, Director at the Center of Excellence at Ultra Consultants.

Key strategies covered include:

  • Navigating labor shortages
  • Improving operational sustainability
  • Managing raw material costs
  • Maximizing sales efforts
  • Marketing execution

Who Should Watch?

  • C-level leaders at food and beverage processing companies
  • Quality, Compliance, Finance leadership
  • ERP, IT Directors
  • Operations Directors, Production leadership
  • Anyone responsible for overall business process improvement

About DELMIAWORKS (formerly IQMS)

DELMIAWORKS helps manufacturing enterprises stay lean, agile and competitive. They specialize in providing manufacturing software and ERP software that solves business challenges and meets unique and varied industry-specific requirements. Read more here.

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