7 Steps to Effectively Organize an ERP Project

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One of the most compelling questions asked by a manufacturing company is how to effectively organize an ERP project, and use ERP for true transformation within the organization.

See What it Takes

The 7 Steps to Organize an ERP Project is designed for ERP project teams from today’s forward-thinking manufacturing and distribution organizations.

  • Read tried and true strategies for manufacturers to effectively manage an ERP selection project. See what it takes to be successful.
  • The initial series of steps range from thoroughly analyzing expected ROI, to setting and communicating the priority of the project within the organization.
  • Additional steps pertain to selecting the team, educating all team members in ERP best practices and system knowledge, as well as issuing a project charter.

The Takeaway

Education is what separates successful ERP projects from the failed ones.

After hundreds of successful ERP projects in a range of vertical manufacturing industries, our experts share these can’t-miss steps to effectively organize your ERP project.

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