A Change Management Strategy for Your ERP Project

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True transformation is about more than technology. It’s about people, processes and technology with effective change management strategies.

Successful ERP transformation projects must involve change management best practices involving all facets of the organization. Most projects address the process and technology portions, but have little or no focus on the people portion.

What You’ll Learn:

This white paper is a key resource in change management education.

You’ll learn that for a transformation to be successful, it is the people component that is the most critical piece in order for the transformation to be successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Read this paper for the practical ways to apply current change management strategy models.
  • Gain insight into tactics that thoroughly prepare your organization for an ERP transition.
  • Understand that  change management is not just a phase. Instead, change management must be woven into the fabric of methodology, and built into the project plan.

Get Independent Insight:

Today’s manufacturing and distribution business climate is evolving dramatically due to disruptive technologies, dynamic market changes and other forces.

This paper helps you stay ahead of the risk curve to survive and thrive.

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