Five Steps to Cloud ERP Transformation


This paper is a useful resource for the ownership, executive teams, and leaders of manufacturing and distribution companies.

The  paper offers a primer for the mid-sized company leadership team to develop a cloud ERP strategy.

What You’ll Learn:  

  • What is cloud ERP?
  • Why should the leaders of mid-sized businesses be concerned about the cloud?
  • What are the issues that would drive a manufacturer or distributor to consider moving from an on-premise ERP solution to cloud solution?
  • How should cloud ERP vendors be evaluated?
  • Who are the cloud ERP vendors?

The cloud deployment model is a key technology enabler for business transformation.

However, there is still a great degree of confusion in the field regarding the understanding of cloud computing as it relates to enterprise applications, and in particular, ERP.

This paper serves to clear up some of this confusion and guide you into choosing the best solution for your company.

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