Planning for ERP: A Guide to Driving ROI

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Deciding whether to go through with an ERP project is one of the most challenging decisions a company makes primarily because there are so many aspects of the decision that are changing constantly. In this whitepaper, Ultra will provide you with the most important factors to think about in a selection process.

Being up to date on the software vendors and their programs geared towards your company is essential to a successful ERP project.

What You’ll Learn:

See the importance of working with the most recent ERP knowledge to ensure you find the right product for your company.  You’ll also understand  the steps to take to ensure your enterprise technology project will address key functional areas and drive true business transformation.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn why setting a project scope and applying the best internal and external resources to your project helps reduce risk
  • See how change management is a critical component of success
  • See the steps to business process improvement that addresses common project concerns
  • Understand the proven methodologies available via industry-leading, independent ERP research and consulting

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