How to Make Money in Wholesale and Distribution with Amazon in the Market

make money in wholesale

Your business has been disrupted by Amazon. Your key functions – eCommerce, demand and inventory planning, third party providers, and warehouse technology — can no longer be just good enough.

Your customers and business buyers are expecting the Amazon experience: they want what they want, where they want it, and as fast as possible. It is assumed by your customers that you will be able to perform these functions at a very high level, or the perception will be that you are not concerned about your customer.

How will you compete? How will you keep your business running while elevating your operations? While Amazon has size on their side, your advantage is your focus on creating a new vision of the future state of your business.

This paper helps you understand the depth of Amazon’s disruption of the B2B and B2C markets. It also demonstrates how to achieve your future state through six areas of re-designing of your business model:

  1. Project organization
  2. Current state analysis
  3. Visioning and education
  4. Future state opportunity
  5. Business case for change
  6. Project charter and transformation roadmap

There is no longer room to operate at a less than optimal level. Download this white paper to learn how to combat Amazon with best practices that all distributors should follow.

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