Sage Group plc ( is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and its U.S. office is in Atlanta, Ga. Sage is the world’s third-largest supplier of ERP software, with $2 billion in annual revenue, 6.1 million customers worldwide, products/services available in 160 countries, and offices in 24 countries.

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Product Capabilities

Accounting Software
Business Intelligence
CRM Software
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Inventory Management
Payment Processing
Supply Chain Management

Target Industries

Consumer Goods
Food and Beverage
Life Sciences
Non-Profit Organizations
Professional Services
Wholesale Distribution


Sage recently made a change to its go-to-market strategy, moving to an all-channel model, with the direct team acting as sales and implementation support. Sage solutions are now fully in the cloud after a number of years as an on-premises system with some hosting options. Sage offers on-premises and cloud deployment, but its long-term product vision is focused on SaaS.

Ultra Insight

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Sage X3 is a well-established ERP solution that has been serving customers for more than 20 years. Sage X3 has 600 North American customers with 80% of those customers being in the United States, and the balance in Canada.

Sage X3 focuses on the manufacturing and distribution industries, and particularly companies with the “multis.” Any company with the complexity of being a multi-national, multi-language, multi-currency operation, or has multiple entities is an excellent fit for the Sage X3 solution.

The ideal company size for Sage X3 are companies with around $30 million in revenue or higher, and have at least 50 employees. Companies with international supply chain complexity are a particularly good fit, such as furniture distributors managing the flow of inventory from manufacturing locations oversees (or having a vendor manage it but have access to their ERP system) and then handling distribution from warehouses in the United States or Canada.

Sage X3 used to be primarily an on-premises solution. But over the past few years, Sage has seen its customer base shift to being 80% cloud. Sage X3 offers a single-tenant cloud solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or a third-party hosting provider.

The competitive advantage that Sage X3 provides to customers is the ability to collect and access data and then share it across the entire enterprise. The WMS portion of Sage X3 is a strong out-of-the-box solution that often exceeds the functionality of the competition. Sage X3 continues to develop their WMS solution and is adding even more functionality to strengthen its inventory management functionality around barcoding, license plate tracking and picking.

Sage X3 releases updates to their ERP on a quarterly basis, which, compared to semi-annual updates, provides customers with faster access to new functionalities. Sage Customer Service and strong ecosystem of Value-Added Resellers provide with the support they need to make the most of their investment. Customers should expect not only to have great customer service, but reduced inventory carrying costs, access to an extensive ISV ecosystem and strong WMS functionality.

For Sage X3, the more complex the customer’s business the better, as its flexibility is an advantage versus the competition.

From Food & Beverage Manufacturing ERP Vendor Update (2020)  DOWNLOAD

Sage X3 is well-suited for mid-sized companies that want broad ERP functionality without the high cost of the big solutions. Complex organizations with complicated requirements, however, are likely to require third-party integrations to achieve all their ERP goals.

Sage X3 is catching up in the cloud with single- and multi-tenant deployment offerings, but upgrades in the production environment are not automatic.

Sage X3 provides a strong option within its focus verticals of process manufacturing.

Sage recently moved to a channel sales model to leverage a growing partner ecosystem. Ultra has had positive experiences working with partners like NexTec Group, and we are eager to see other VARs open Sage X3 practices.

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