Inside an ERP Project

How Ultra and Epicor Battled Challenges and Complexity to Achieve Chicago Tube & Iron’s Business Transformation

Got 9 minutes for an inside look at a complex and difficult ERP project? Learn how Chicago Tube & Iron (CTI) improved its processes, chose the right software and implemented a modern ERP solution despite significant challenges.

Watch Ultra’s Joe Velez and CTI’s Chris Prodoehl discuss how the Ultra, Epicor and CTI project teams overcame business process optimization problems, completed dozens of necessary integrations, deployed the solution to 11 far-flung locations and accommodated a changing business model – and ultimately delivered success.

Case Study: Chicago Tube & Iron

“Ultra brought real value to the project, and was able to leverage its people, industry expertise and experience to get the job done. We don’t think we’d have been able to do it on our own.”

– Chris Prodoehl, Vice President of Information Technology

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