On-Demand Webinar: The Hidden Cost of Legacy ERP

How your legacy system impacts your revenue and workforce

Discover the ways your legacy ERP system may be holding back your business.

In this 30-minute discussion, you’ll learn how your old technology can be the reason you lose customers or fail to maximize their lifetime value, and how it can cause you to lose the battle to hire and retain top talent.

Then you’ll hear how mid-sized enterprises have used their new ERP system to transform their organizations and boost their revenue, improve profitability, increase valuation and enhance stockholder returns.

Get the information and insight you need to evaluate your ERP solution when you view “The Hidden Cost of Legacy ERP”!


Katrine Maguire, PMP
Methodology Director, Senior Consultant
Ultra Consultants

Katrine Maguire brings exceptional expertise in enterprise technology implementation, project management, operations, change management and organizational re-engineering to every project. What’s more, she has deep domain experience in a number of industry sectors, including manufacturing, telecom, healthcare, food service and education.

Peter Malone
Private Equity and M&A Ambassador
SAP Americas

Pete has been with SAP in a variety of sales and business development roles for 10 years. Based in Chicago, Pete is now responsible for Private Equity, Selection Advisor and M&A programs in the Midmarket. Since moving to the United States, Pete has completed his MBA at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management.

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