On-Demand Webinar: 3 Essential Strategies for ERP Project Success

Implementing a new ERP solution is a complicated project – and not one that companies do often. So it’s common for companies to be unfamiliar with best practices and unaware of potential pitfalls.

  • What are the keys to managing this big, business-critical project?
  • What are realistic goals for ROI?
  • How important is change management?

Get the answers when you watch “3 Essential Strategies for ERP Project Success,” a 30-minute discussion sponsored by SYSPRO and Ultra Consultants.

Presented by SYSPRO and Ultra, this webinar provides the knowledge you need to achieve your organizational goals and realize ERP success.


Jodi Foster
Senior Project Manager, Ultra Consultants
Jodi Foster is a Project Manager for Ultra Consultants, with more than 18 years of experience leading enterprise strategic software development and business process initiatives. She specializes in implementing complex ERP projects, developing project strategies, establishing best practices and building end-user relationships.

Dawn Gorey
ERP Product Manager, SYSPRO USA
For the past 25 years, Dawn has dedicated herself to the SYSPRO product. Starting as a Support Analyst, Dawn has been an integral part of each of the Services departments throughout the years and is now ERP Product Manager for the US Region. Dawn worked for several manufacturers in the Apparel and Accessory and the Aerospace Electronics industries, as a Business Analyst.

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