Fast-Tracking Your Software Selection

Is it possible to fast-track ERP software selection? Yes.
Is it a good idea? Maybe.

Many manufacturers try to shortcut the software selection process. But only some get a solution well-suited to the unique needs of their industry, organization, processes and people.

To be successful, there are pitfalls to avoid and obstacles to overcome. You need to be ultra-prepared, too. It’s crucial to know – and understand – your processes, requirements and business drivers. And most important, you must have a clear vision of your future state.

Learn how to safely and successfully accelerate software selection when you view “Benefit or Blunder? Fast-Tracking ERP Software Selection,” a 30-minute discussion presented by QAD and Ultra Consultants.


Shannon Harrop
Business Consultant
Ultra Consultants

Shannon offers exceptional project leadership, lean manufacturing and supply chain improvement expertise. With experience in a variety of manufacturing industries, she specializes in using her broad technical abilities to successfully manage large, complex projects from ideation to completion.

Maureen Hunt
Engagement Manager

For over 20 years Maureen has been involved in ERP Implementations with customers in Verticals including Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Automotive, High Tech, Industrial, and Food and Beverage industries. In her role as an Engagement Manager Maureen works with the Sales Team to ensure complete understanding the implementation scope, the customer requirements, and works closely with the ERP project teams from project conception through project actualization.

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