On-Demand Webinar - Boost Agility and Mitigate Manufacturing Disruption With Low-Code

In today’s manufacturing environment, with unexpected challenges a near-constant, your company must be able to quickly adapt your ERP, business models and business processes. But the development and deployment of ERP applications typically requires too much time – and too much cost.

Low-code ERP platforms accelerate your ERP application development process, support rapid adaptation to your business practices and, ultimately, reduce (or even eliminate) one of the biggest barriers to digital transformation.

View “Boost Agility and Mitigate Manufacturing Disruption With Low-Code,” a 30-minute conversation sponsored by QAD and Ultra Consultants, and get answers to your important questions.

You’ll learn:

  • What is low-code?
  • How low-code lets your team develop critical apps without IT support
  • How low-code delivers extensibility with security, scalability and reliability
  • How low-code enables greater ERP adoption
  • How low-code provides a competitive edge

Etienne Ouvry, Senior Business Consultant at QAD, discusses how low-code helped a manufacturer navigate recent chip shortages.

E Ouvry headshot

Etienne Ouvry
Senior Business Consultant, QAD
Etienne has more than 30 years of experience working with automotive and industrial manufacturers worldwide. At QAD, he is the Global Business Consultant for some of QAD’s premier automotive customers, and he is responsible for ensuring QAD global accounts improve operational performance.

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