Sean Hull

Sean Schuster

Sean Schuster has 20+ years of a diverse business background, holding leadership positions spanning Distribution and Supply Chain, Materials and Manufacturing, Retail and eCommerce, CX and Contact Centers, Sales, Service and Business Strategy. Sean is trained in Kaizen, Six Sigma, …

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Adriana Rapolla Headshot

Adriana Rapolla

Adriana Rapolla is an accomplished Change Management and Transformation Professional with 20 years of experience and a background in Information Technology, Psychology, and Executive Education. Adriana helps clients develop their change capabilities to positively impact their bottom line. She strategizes …

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Wendy Stanley Headshot

Wendy Stanley

Wendy Stanley brings 20+ years of marketing experience to the Ultra team including content and copywriting, customer communications, graphic design, marketing plans, campaigns and digital and print advertising. For the past 7 years, Wendy has worked in the software industry, …

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Syreeta Pratt Headshot

Syreeta Pratt

Syreeta Pratt is a Transformational Change Leader with 15 years of Organizational Change Management (OCM), Training, and Communications expertise. Because Syreeta cares about how people are impacted by workplace changes, in her current role as Senior Consultant with Ultra, she …

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ERP consultant implementation team

Amy Timmons

Amy has over a decade of experience working with executive leadership to ensure the deployment of resources is aligned with the company’s strategic and financial goals. Amy has supported IT, professional services and product development teams at multinational software, services …

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ERP consultant implementation team

Roberto Aguilar

Roberto is an accomplished project and program manager with more than 20 years of experience impacting the competitive performance, profitability, and overall success of diverse organizations around the globe. With an impressive career launched with hands-on, senior management and technical …

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