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What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)? And Why is it Important?

The primary function of an ERP solution is to help your organization efficiently and effectively execute core business processes. And when you concentrate on streamlining and integrating your processes, you virtually ensure that you will realize improved productivity, accelerated workflows and lower operational costs – benefits that drive higher business performance.
Determine and Maximize the ROI in Distribution ERP

Where’s the ROI in ERP?

Every manufacturer and distributor is different. And every company will get a different return on their investment (ROI) on their ERP solution. Where will your organization find the payback? Some areas are rich with opportunity.
ERP Success Story

Greater Efficiency Requires Organizational Change: Case Study

Pacific Plumbing Supply is a 71-year-old, family-owned and operated company, with 14 branch locations and 200 employees. We weren’t looking to spend the kind of money it would take to implement a modern ERP solution,” Stafford continued, “but we understood that the ROI is in new capabilities and new tools we can use to operate more efficiently.”
Return on investment for ERP

Calculating ROI from Your Investment in ERP

As independent ERP consultants, we’re often asked about the concept of tracking ROI and inevitably the conversation leads to what returns to monitor.

Sometimes enterprise software projects do not deliver the transformation expected. At Ultra, we offer the analysis, adjustments and enhancements you need to achieve your goals.

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In the case of assessing the current value of a legacy ERP system, the primary focus should be on the specific features and functions supported by the ERP system. Are they adequately supporting the business -not just the current state of business but the future state as well.

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