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Virtual Boot Camp Series: Keep Business Moving with Remote Teams

As the country transitions business operations to remote work, project teams face new challenges on their road to project success. As an industry leader, Ultra has over 25 years of experience managing remote project teams for manufacturing and distribution organizations. Now more than ever is the time to maintain your ongoing transformation projects. Ultra Consultants is passionate about North American manufacturing and distribution and we can help.
Best Practices

Best Practices for Manufacturing Highly Configured Products Using Cloud CPQ

Today’s manufacturers are faced with a competitive environment. They are faced with demands for more innovative, unique, highly-configured products and services designed to fit consumer needs and expectations. From furniture and fashion to airplanes and automobile manufacturers, all industries must support an increasing amount of configuration to remain competitive in the age of personalization.
Unlocking the Power of Real-Time Data in 2020

Unlocking the Power of Real-Time Data in 2020

Businesses that use cloud software spend less on overall IT costs and more on innovation. There are at least two high-level reasons for this: When your organization is operating more efficiently, there is bandwidth to move on to new initiatives. When you have real-time data at your fingertips, it’s easier to make decisions on how to move forward.
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Maximizing Growth with a Customer-First eCommerce Strategy

Technology disrupters such as Amazon, Uber, and DoorDash have raised the bar and changed the meaning of customer service. Now, customers expect exceptional customer service from all purchase points, whether they are online or offline. Oftentimes, it’s the difference between retaining a customer or losing them to competition.
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Mid-Market ERP

Today’s mid-market companies are facing an ever-changing technology landscape that makes it challenging to determine the right ERP fit for their business. The choices are numerous from cloud to industry specialized to out of the box or modular. Not to mention choosing the right consulting and implementation partners. The right decisions will set up a business to experience a competitive advantage and growth. A wrong decision can set the business back by years.
ERP for nurturing

Manufacturing CRM + ERP: Nurturing a Life-Long Customer Journey

In this time of digital transformation, diving into data at a scientific level is now a must for every type of organization, and without a connected CRM and ERP system you won’t have the data integrity and level of detail necessary to predict and control outcomes with your customer. A CRM + ERP built for manufacturing is the critical foundation for nurturing a life-long customer journey.
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Winning Manufacturing Strategies for 2020

This on-demand webinar explores 5 key strategies to overcome common manufacturing challenges and gain an edge in your market. You’ll hear from Steve Bieszczat, Chief Marketing Officer at DELMIAWORKS, as well as Andrew Bolivar, Director at the Center of Excellence at Ultra Consultants.
Increase ROI in Your ERP Project

New Year, New Goals: Increase ROI in Your ERP Project

Winning manufacturing and distribution companies look at an ERP project as more than just a technology initiative. An ERP project is most successful when it is viewed as a business transformation where the focus is on process improvement. This on-demand webinar helps you develop confidence that your project and chosen ERP system will deliver your Return on Investment (ROI) expectations and position your business for long-term success.
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Smarter Systems for Wholesale Distribution

Technology’s impact on the supply chain is seen in all aspects of your business – and understanding how to adapt to ever-changing technology is a challenge that can make or break a distribution business as we enter the 2020’s. Your customers, partners, suppliers, and competitors are investing in technology to run their businesses smarter, faster, and better – to boost efficiency, expand their reach, and improve their customer experience.
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Streamline Compliance with Modern ERP

For today’s process manufacturer, compliance is still top of mind with ever-increasing rules and regulations. With new regulations and updates to federal and global standards, today’s modern ERP plays a critical role in supporting compliance and automating required documentation and processes. With special guest NexTec Group, this educational webinar demonstrates how ERP can support compliance and make processes more streamlined and easier to manage.
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Leveraging MES for IIoT-Enabled Manufacturing

This on-demand, educational webinar provides a full picture of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and its use in manufacturing from a leading expert. Warren Smith, CEO of Advanced Manufacturing Advisors, has spent his career delivering expertise to organizations looking to leverage connected machines and devices to smart warehouses and the factory of the future. He is joined by Jeff Carr, Ultra CEO and Founder, and Glenn Carlson, Principal Solutions Engineer, Plex Systems.
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Growing Your Distribution Business Like an Amazon

Business-to-business buyers expect the same experience available to business-to-consumer buyers, favoring a “self-serve model” of fast, accurate online purchasing platforms instead of legacy models of past decades. No longer do industrial buyers wish to interact with sales reps in person, on the phone or via e-mail. Nor do industrial buyers wish to pore over paper catalogs or other manually-intensive and time-consuming processes.
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