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What is the Role of an ERP Consultant

Well, that depends on the capabilities and experience of the ERP consultant and which company they work for. This article covers a brief overview of the specific roles of a typical ERP software consultant, plus the specific value Ultra's independent ERP consultant team delivers to organizations.

Lessons from Southwest’s Avoidable Crisis

As I enjoyed the season's festivities with my family, I couldn't help but notice the sad unraveling of Southwest Airlines and the issues that resulted in more than 15,000 canceled flights in one week, inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of customers (even a bride who missed her own destination wedding (1)).…

3 Issues Private Equity Should Consider About Enterprise Technology

1. Do the legacy systems offer core functionality throughout the enterprise? Functionality to streamline processes and systems. Private Equity firms must assess whether the manufacturing or distribution company’s legacy system offers core functionality of processes without the need for manual … 3 Issues Private Equity Should Consider About Enterprise Technology…

Justifying an ERP Investment? Start Here

How does today’s manufacturer go about justifying an ERP investment? The effort involves determining an expected return on investment, anticipating total costs and fully documenting the business case for investing in a new or upgraded system. It’s critical to document … Justifying an ERP Investment? Start Here Read More

PE Firms and ERP – 3 Issues Private Equity Should Consider About Enterprise Technology

Ultra Consultants works with our Private Equity clients and their portfolio companies on a daily basis, and there is no more critical time for us to advise these firms than when they consider merger and acquisition activities in the manufacturing … PE Firms and ERP – 3 Issues Private Equity…

What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)? And Why is it Important?

The primary function of an ERP solution is to help your organization efficiently and effectively execute core business processes. And when you concentrate on streamlining and integrating your processes, you virtually ensure that you will realize improved productivity, accelerated workflows and lower operational costs – benefits that drive higher business…

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