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role of erp in supply chain management

The Role of ERP in Supply Chain Management

manufacturer’s success hinges on whether their supply chain management is running smoothly. Manufacturers need the right materials from partners and vendors at the right time to maintain production schedules. However, […]
business process management lifecycle

Benefits of Business Process Management

Business process management helps organizations define and improve efficiency and increases agility in business decision-making.
Broken chain

Guest Post: The Right Way to Build an Agile, Adaptable and Resilient Supply Chain?

It's common to believe that implementing a new solution will fix supply chain issues. But new software alone isn't the answer – especially now. While few businesses came through the pandemic unscathed, some fared better. We can learn from their success and use that knowledge to create supply chains that stand up to the harshest economic conditions.
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Solutions to Post-COVID Distributor Success Lie in People, Processes and Technologies (Video)

The COVID pandemic and the post-COVID business environment are challenging distributors in ways they’ve never experienced. And a number of problems – the disruption of supply chains, forecasting difficulty and the pressing need to change the interface and interaction with customers – are forcing significant changes. What are the positive actions to take?
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How Better Flexibility, Forecasting and CX Mitigate Today’s Distributor Challenges (Video)

Forward-thinking distribution organizations always are on the lookout for ways to enhance supply chain management and improve core processes.. But the post-COVID business environment makes it more difficult than ever to make critical changes and succeed. What are today's key areas for improvement?
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How Politics Affects Manufacturing and Distribution (Video)

In the second of a four-video series, Ultra Senior Consultant Dave Lechleitner and economist Dr. Christopher Kuehl discuss how the shift in the political landscape, the Biden Administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress will impact business, supply chains, trade relations, tariffs, regulation and taxes.

Whether your existing ERP system is at the end of its lifespan, your vendor is sunsetting support for your current version, or you feel you’re not getting enough value from it, moving to a new ERP system is a big undertaking.

Protect Supply Chain during crisis

For businesses that want to build resilient supply chains that can withstand disruptions, it’s imperative to focus on specific tasks and bring the supply chain to a maturity level that will allow the organization to recover quickly.

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